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It’s a nationwide tournament and the first steps in creating national leagues by standard of angler.

The results of any match you compete in receives points depending on where you placed. If you get the most cumulative points over the 13 week season, you win prizes.

standard of MATCH

Anglers compete against others who are at the same level of experience. We categorise the matches based on Club, Open, and Major match standards and rank matches within each category separately. This allows you to track your progress each season, see if you are improving and compare against other anglers of your own standard.

Country League

Club League

Open League

Women's League

Junior League



When you buy a ticket, you can enter the match category standard that aligns with the competition you participate in the most be that club or open matches. Each category requires a £30 ticket.

By purchasing this ticket, you become eligible for the prizes associated with the chosen match category. Additionally, you automatically enter the overall country winner prizes at no extra cost.

If you participate in multiple match standards, you have the option to purchase separate ticket for each of them.


Every week, your matches earn points based on your ranking. The first-place position receives 10 points, while the tenth-place position receives 1 point.

Additionally, there is a 5% bonus on points for matches with over 15 participants to reward winning in larger matches. For further information, please refer to the rules.

At the end of the 13-week season, the person with the highest cumulative points wins prizes.


Each season we give out different prizes and placements so look out for the latest season.

If you participate in more than one match per week, we will use your best session for scoring purposes.

Throughout the 13-week season, we use your top 10 sessions only.

Results will be updated every Wednesday, including the results from the previous week's matches. Organisers have a maximum of two weeks after the match deadline to update the results.

everyone is included

Our goal is to improve our sport for today’s anglers. As long as the match organiser uses our free Hot Fishin’ platform to score the match, you can track your performance as a free competitor throughout the season. 

However, if you create an angler account, you also have the option to purchase a ticket each season, which upgrades you to a paid competitor and makes you eligible to win cash and tackle prizes at the end of the season.


You buy your ticket by the standard of match you typically compete within be that Club or Open and they cost £30 (the equivalent of £2.30 a week). Your ticket then gives you a chance to be the overall country’s top angler and also overall winner by the standard of angler you chose.

Create a free angler account on Hot Fishin’ and claim your past results from your organiser

Once logged in your account click Hot Fishin’ Points on the home page and buy ticket for your match standard and season you want to enter

Now when you compete in matches you will see a ticket icon next to your name in the results showing you are eligible for prizes.


Be part of the national
ranking of anglers