A National Ranking of Anglers

Win cash prizes from the results of your existing matches while supporting the growth and professionalism of the sport



Over £6,500 in Cash and Tackle To Be Won


Get points for your existing matches


Hot Fishin’ Points is a nationwide tournament based on the old Kamasan rules.

It’s a competition where the results of any match you fish receives points depending on where you placed. If you get the most cumulative points over the season, you win prizes.

We are passionate about growing the sport of competitive angling, while getting new and younger people into the sport.

Rules & Prizes

Anglers get 10 points for winning down to 1 point for 10th place


You buy a ticket based on the most common competition type you enter, be that open, club or big money match standard. Your tournament entrance fee then qualifies you to win prizes:

1. For the country’s overall best-ranking angler across the season.

2. For the country’s best-ranking angler by the match type category you selected (open, club or event)

As a bonus, if you rank the highest at the end of the season within the anglers of your organiser, you will be invited to a one-match final in March and fish for the organiser cup.

It’s £50 for the 13-week season (the equivalent of £3.84 per week), and the more that enter the bigger the top prizes, but we have guaranteed £1,000 for the overall country winner and £500 for each match type winner.


1. Matches must have a minimum of 10 anglers to qualify for points.

2. Anglers must have weighed something to be eligible for points. A DNW does not get points.

3. Matches with 15+ Anglers get 10 points for the win, down to 1 point for the 10th position. Anglers also get an ‘additional’ 5% points bonus proportional to the number of competitors in their match to credit winning in a larger competition.

4. Matches with 10 – 14 Anglers get 8 points for the win, and custom top placements receive points:
– If 10 anglers are in the match, the top 4 receive points
– If 11 anglers are in the match, the top 5 receive points
– If 12 anglers are in the match, the top 6 receive points
– If 13 anglers are in the match, the top 7 receive points
– If 14 anglers’ are in the match, the top 8 receive points

5. The tournament will run for 13 weeks and use the best ten-match results from the angler’s competitions.

6. If an angler competes in several matches during one week, only the best match result will count and display in the results table.

7. The new rankings are calculated each Monday.

8. After the 13-week season is complete, if there is a tie on points, it will go down to how many first places each angler achieved, then second and so on.


9. Your organiser must score the match using the free Hot Fishin’ platform for your results to be eligible for points. They can create an account here. 

10. It is the job of the match organiser not Hot Fishin’, to upload match results to the platform after matches.

11. Although all anglers in matches scored on the Hot Fishin’ platform will appear in results tables as competitors, they require a claimed angler account to buy a ticket and appear as a paid contestant to win prizes.


12. The deadline date for submitting match results is midnight, three weeks after the Sunday following the match. This is to give organisers time to record, publish, verify and finalise their match results.

13. Our system will automatically finalise any match that has not been finalised before the deadline and the match results will be assumed to be correct – although any errors in the results will still be the responsibility of that organiser.

If you have any question or feedback please email

Get Involved

Create an angler account and buy your ticket today

Go to the login page and click ‘Join As An Angler’.

When you log in to your claimed angler account, there is a button on the home screen called ‘Seasonal Tournaments’. Click that and then choose the season you want to enter.

You buy your ticket by the standard of match you typically compete within, split by Club, Open a-nd Events and they cost £50 (the equivalent of £3.84 a week).nYour credit then gives you a chance to be the overall country’s top angler and also overall winner by the standard of angler you chose.

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