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  1. Kings of the Rook Match 1 of 6

    • Open Match on Sun, 1st November '20
    • Rookery Waters Fishing Lakes
    • Commercial water coarse fishing at Magpie
    • 8 teams (24 anglers) fished
    • 5hrs
  1. Kings of the Rook

    • 3 matches held between 1st November '20 and 13th December '20
  1. Rookery Waters Fishing Lakes

    Tackle & Bates, Fen Road, Cambridge, UK
    PE28 3DF
    07824 878492

  1. Kingfisher Match Group

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Kingfisher Match Group

Bedford Based roaming match Group. For more info and to join today go to.
Kingfisher Match Group

Match Overview

Open Match on Sun, 1st November '20

A commercial water coarse fishing match for competing teams

5hrs duration, with draw time at 08:45


Teams of 3 - Winter League

Match Units

Net weights recorded in Imperial (lbs oz dr) units

Rookery Waters Fishing Lakes


Tackle & Bates, Fen Road, Cambridge, UK
PE28 3DF

Kings of the Rook

3 matches held between 1st November '20 and 13th December '20

League Ranking System

Points Allocation

First place is awarded for the most points

Points are awarded

Per section

If points are equal then allocate the same place number

Did Not Weigh

Points equal to the worst placed points are given for a DNW (no weight recorded in a match)


0 points are added for attending a match

Points equal to the unplaced threshold points are deducted for leaving before the match end

0 points are deducted for a DNS (not attending a match)

0 points are deducted for a DNB (not booking a match)


No score is given for being disqualified from a match, which will be shown as Not Scored in match results tables

Best League Sessions

Rankings are based on the points from all league sessions

Worst League Sessions

All sessions are included

Awarded Placements

  • 1
    10 points added for 1st place
  • 2
    8 points added for 2nd place
  • 3
    7 points added for 3rd place
  • 4
    6 points added for 4th place
  • 5
    5 points added for 5th place
  • 6
    4 points added for 6th place
  • 7
    3 points added for 7th place
  • 8
    2 points added for 8th place
  • 0 points added for all other positions

24 Competing Anglers

No competitors are currently listed

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    Match Reports

    Match Reports - A premium angler feature will be that they can add match reports (think mini blog) on the HF platform.
    When these are written they will be available as a list from this tab.

    Highlights And Statistics

    Highlights and stats (TBC content but things like best overall weight, number of matches, average net weights and interesting stuff like that)

    Nationwide Tournament

    The Nationwide Tournament is a fun way to see how your weights ranked across all the other matches in the UK each week. It's also a way to see how fisheries, waters and pegs are fishing before your upcoming matches.

    View Nationwide Tournament

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