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  1. Larford Commercial Feeder Championship 2023

    • 4 matches held between Tue, 17th October '23 and Fri, 20th October '23
  1. Larford Lakes
    Not speciifed

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      AnglerTotal PointsTotal WeightMatches17/10/202318/10/202318/10/202320/10/2023
      Alex Walker 95Z6L
      5230.567kg508lbs 5oz 4162.539kg137lbs 14oz 158.513kg129lbs 157.805kg127lbs 7oz 251.71kg114lbs
      Andy Findlay 6JP27
      6240.347kg529lbs 14oz 4330.674kg67lbs 10oz 148.676kg107lbs 5oz 195.113kg209lbs 11oz 165.884kg145lbs 4oz
      Jason Dunworth 8CU75
      7208.029kg458lbs 10oz 4262.794kg138lbs 7oz 154.374kg119lbs 14oz 252.56kg115lbs 14oz 238.3kg84lbs 7oz
      Neil Colcombe ESMZX
      7191.926kg423lbs 2oz 4253.127kg117lbs 2oz 171.072kg156lbs 11oz 234.898kg76lbs 15oz 232.829kg72lbs 6oz
      Max Higgott WT8K3
      8243.437kg536lbs 11oz 4151.596kg113lbs 12oz 425.486kg56lbs 3oz 286.268kg190lbs 3oz 180.087kg176lbs 9oz
      George Parker EZDW9
      8218.688kg482lbs 2oz 4159.874kg132lbs 526.195kg57lbs 12oz 153.467kg117lbs 14oz 179.152kg174lbs 8oz
      Andy Kinder IPQO1
      9216.789kg477lbs 15oz 4243.772kg96lbs 8oz 356.983kg125lbs 10oz 163.701kg140lbs 7oz 352.333kg115lbs 6oz
      Steve Brindley DS9QN
      12228.129kg502lbs 15oz 4526.195kg57lbs 12oz 180.257kg176lbs 15oz 445.076kg99lbs 6oz 276.6kg168lbs 14oz
      Martyn Carpenter 45LGS
      12133.64kg294lbs 10oz 4526.79kg59lbs 1oz 239.066kg86lbs 2oz 234.19kg75lbs 6oz 333.594kg74lbs 1oz
      Teodor Marian Buzatu DQ3EQ
      13219.482kg483lbs 14oz 4145.614kg100lbs 9oz 104.99kg11lbs 161.49kg135lbs 9oz 1107.388kg236lbs 12oz
      Ryan Wilson C5M60
      14193.287kg426lbs 2oz 4728.888kg63lbs 11oz 151.171kg112lbs 13oz 365.629kg144lbs 11oz 347.599kg104lbs 15oz
      Martyn Long 4KSTU
      16133.781kg294lbs 15oz 4420.355kg44lbs 14oz 232.092kg70lbs 12oz 542.864kg94lbs 8oz 538.47kg84lbs 13oz
      Paul Twigg CIRM7
      16113.852kg251lbs 4427.499kg60lbs 10oz 216.755kg36lbs 15oz 914.317kg31lbs 9oz 155.282kg121lbs 14oz
      Dave Hughes 12VBT
      16107.133kg236lbs 3oz 4234.983kg77lbs 2oz 723.077kg50lbs 14oz 426.195kg57lbs 12oz 322.878kg50lbs 7oz
      Jason Cawthorne DXDSU
      17121.563kg268lbs 4715.054kg33lbs 3oz 345.898kg101lbs 3oz 624.154kg53lbs 4oz 136.457kg80lbs 6oz
      Kevin Wadge GW9GX
      18166.667kg367lbs 7oz 4924.806kg54lbs 11oz 259.931kg132lbs 2oz 439.236kg86lbs 8oz 342.694kg94lbs 2oz
      Robert Cooksey BRXSW
      18134.037kg295lbs 8oz 4732.914kg72lbs 9oz 623.473kg51lbs 12oz 155.962kg123lbs 6oz 421.687kg47lbs 13oz
      Ray Lamb 1UCSP
      19180.7kg398lbs 6oz 4194.772kg208lbs 15oz 811.822kg26lbs 1oz 631.525kg69lbs 8oz 442.581kg93lbs 14oz
      James Wilkinson KI3KX
      19123.774kg272lbs 14oz 4147.4kg104lbs 8oz 617.01kg37lbs 8oz 633.311kg73lbs 7oz 626.053kg57lbs 7oz
      Hans Salimans E9NIS
      19103.986kg229lbs 4oz 4340.682kg89lbs 11oz 416.443kg36lbs 4oz 819.646kg43lbs 5oz 427.216kg60lbs
      Tony Morris EC9MT
      20127.885kg281lbs 15oz 4440.2kg88lbs 10oz 816.443kg36lbs 4oz 255.14kg121lbs 9oz 616.103kg35lbs 8oz
      Jason Davies CKUUQ
      20110.932kg244lbs 9oz 4235.607kg78lbs 8oz 433.708kg74lbs 5oz 921.205kg46lbs 12oz 520.412kg45lbs
      martin allen K0GUB
      2095.793kg211lbs 3oz 4535.947kg79lbs 4oz 316.698kg36lbs 13oz 724.777kg54lbs 10oz 518.37kg40lbs 8oz
      Gary Kitching 0UDVA
      2091.541kg201lbs 13oz 4620.355kg44lbs 14oz 428.831kg63lbs 9oz 428.491kg62lbs 13oz 613.863kg30lbs 9oz
      Mihal Ceryioshi BS8O9
      21112.746kg248lbs 9oz 4340.313kg88lbs 14oz 911.68kg25lbs 12oz 535.72kg78lbs 12oz 425.033kg55lbs 3oz
      Paul Cook HIX6A
      21106.481kg234lbs 12oz 4910.064kg22lbs 3oz 431.808kg70lbs 2oz 346.068kg101lbs 9oz 518.541kg40lbs 14oz
      Andy Stepney GVFWU
      2183.773kg184lbs 11oz 4331.978kg70lbs 8oz 719.419kg42lbs 13oz 332.375kg71lbs 6oz DNW8
      Darren jackson C9COM
      22122.555kg270lbs 3oz 4629.03kg64lbs 621.064kg46lbs 7oz 822.708kg50lbs 1oz 249.753kg109lbs 11oz
      Craig Whittaker FVU6N
      2296.899kg213lbs 10oz 4345.132kg99lbs 8oz 615.564kg34lbs 5oz 721.631kg47lbs 11oz 614.572kg32lbs 2oz
      Paul Parsonage 2EMXU
      2290.265kg199lbs 4428.378kg62lbs 9oz 336.514kg80lbs 8oz 625.373kg55lbs 15oz DNW9
      Simon Parker DVX1C
      2283.518kg184lbs 2oz 4523.927kg52lbs 12oz 712.162kg26lbs 13oz 333.708kg74lbs 5oz 713.721kg30lbs 4oz
      Steven Rocke ACRTB
      2273.992kg163lbs 2oz 4233.623kg74lbs 2oz 714.487kg31lbs 15oz 625.883kg57lbs 1oz DNW7
      Darren Howling IDPZH
      2387.912kg193lbs 13oz 4913.381kg29lbs 8oz 425.883kg57lbs 1oz 723.587kg52lbs 325.061kg55lbs 4oz
      George Neacsa D8Q69
      24144.186kg317lbs 14oz 41014.685kg32lbs 6oz 814.402kg31lbs 12oz 447.344kg104lbs 6oz 267.755kg149lbs 6oz
      Adrian Orosz DIZ3W
      2472.064kg158lbs 14oz 4517.265kg38lbs 1oz 522.113kg48lbs 12oz 915.819kg34lbs 14oz 516.868kg37lbs 3oz
      Dave grogan HA3I1
      25128.565kg283lbs 7oz 31012.389kg27lbs 5oz 257.379kg126lbs 8oz 258.797kg129lbs 10oz DNS 11
      Robert Upex 8NSVV
      2570.278kg154lbs 15oz 4620.894kg46lbs 1oz 623.587kg52lbs 525.798kg56lbs 14oz DNW8
      Neil Mckinnon 13L6M
      26114.674kg252lbs 13oz 4623.02kg50lbs 12oz 1011.113kg24lbs 8oz 354.715kg120lbs 10oz 725.826kg56lbs 15oz
      Robin van Houts EBUBD
      26108.862kg240lbs 4107.739kg17lbs 1oz 717.605kg38lbs 13oz 544.821kg98lbs 13oz 438.697kg85lbs 5oz
      Steven Burgin CQ3MG
      2692.561kg204lbs 1oz 3536.854kg81lbs 4oz 717.322kg38lbs 3oz 338.385kg84lbs 10oz DNS 11
      Perry Mountain TCEXI
      2691.994kg202lbs 13oz 4438.697kg85lbs 5oz 910.007kg22lbs 1oz 534.218kg75lbs 7oz 89.072kg20lbs
      Jeff Edwards VO9AE
      2688.932kg196lbs 1oz 4718.342kg40lbs 7oz 523.105kg50lbs 15oz 1022.821kg50lbs 5oz 424.664kg54lbs 6oz
      jeff wiseman IWXXZ
      2682.129kg181lbs 1oz 3616.613kg36lbs 10oz 233.509kg73lbs 14oz 732.007kg70lbs 9oz DNS 11
      Jamie White 5QN8P
      2677.904kg171lbs 12oz 4714.373kg31lbs 11oz 517.86kg39lbs 6oz 830.192kg66lbs 9oz 615.479kg34lbs 2oz
      Martin Taylor G0GL1
      2671.866kg158lbs 7oz 4426.223kg57lbs 13oz 617.86kg39lbs 6oz 927.783kg61lbs 4oz DNW7
      Alan Hill Y734G
      2660.413kg133lbs 3oz 4813.75kg30lbs 5oz 326.252kg57lbs 14oz 820.412kg45lbs DNW7
      Michael Sanders DHV95
      2770.108kg154lbs 9oz 3321.29kg46lbs 15oz 912.814kg28lbs 4oz 436.004kg79lbs 6oz DNS 11
      Stefan Verheijen JKFXZ
      2967.245kg148lbs 4oz 4716.244kg35lbs 13oz 915.195kg33lbs 8oz 524.381kg53lbs 12oz 811.425kg25lbs 3oz
      Trevor Mold CNOY8
      2964.353kg141lbs 14oz 4635.409kg78lbs 1oz 812.19kg26lbs 14oz DNW10516.755kg36lbs 15oz
      Chris Ware 2828O
      2959.534kg131lbs 4oz 4817.633kg38lbs 14oz 327.471kg60lbs 9oz 1014.43kg31lbs 13oz DNW8
      Steve Jackson 59FWR
      3162.567kg137lbs 15oz 41020.44kg45lbs 1oz 516.188kg35lbs 11oz 725.94kg57lbs 3oz DNW9
      John burt 5Y8LS
      3252.362kg115lbs 7oz 489.696kg21lbs 6oz 819.363kg42lbs 11oz 106.038kg13lbs 5oz 617.265kg38lbs 1oz
      Nigel Jeffery 0EURU
      3347.911kg105lbs 10oz 498.902kg19lbs 10oz 99.752kg21lbs 8oz 817.804kg39lbs 4oz 711.453kg25lbs 4oz
      Terry winstone FVVDS
      3347.202kg104lbs 1oz 4105.188kg11lbs 7oz 523.785kg52lbs 7oz 97.343kg16lbs 3oz 910.886kg24lbs
      Maxine Stroud HIXTT
      3462.171kg137lbs 1oz 3821.914kg48lbs 5oz 94.111kg9lbs 1oz 636.146kg79lbs 11oz DNS 11
      Matt Davies YSSUS
      3441.872kg92lbs 5oz 4810.319kg22lbs 12oz 109.696kg21lbs 6oz 911.822kg26lbs 1oz 710.036kg22lbs 2oz
      Alexandru Miron IB4KZ
      3746.55kg102lbs 10oz 3827.244kg60lbs 1oz 100.539kg1lbs 3oz 818.767kg41lbs 6oz DNS 11
      Dave Roberts 3CDLW
      3737.11kg81lbs 13oz 3915.564kg34lbs 5oz DNW10721.546kg47lbs 8oz DNS 11
      Marius Eduard Dermelici 1DSDD
      3921.347kg47lbs 1oz 2912.559kg27lbs 11oz 88.788kg19lbs 6oz DNS 11DNS 11

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