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Saturday Open

31st October 2020 | 5 hours

Monkhall Fishery

Open Match at Monkhall Fishery

Buzzard Pool, and Owl | Still Water

AnglerNet WeightWaterPeg
Morgan Davidson
234lbs 4ozBuzzard Pool13
Mitch Davidson
196lbs 10ozBuzzard Pool5
Steve Roberts
97lbs 10ozOwl6
Andy Rowbottom
90lbs 14ozOwl15
Kenny Humphries
85lbs 6ozBuzzard Pool3
Gary Steele
81lbs 12ozBuzzard Pool6
Gary Gollins
75lbs 2ozBuzzard Pool2
Gary Hick
65lbs 2ozBuzzard Pool10
Paul Gregory
63lbs 10ozOwl4
Jim bates
61lbs 14ozOwl13
A Naylor
60lbsBuzzard Pool9
Jason Attwell
52lbs 6ozOwl8
Rich Emilyn
47lbs 12ozOwl2
Matt Naylor
45lbs 4ozOwl9
Boff Pritchard
29lbs 6ozOwl12
Tom Lenton
DNWBuzzard Pool12

Last published: 23:11 1/11/20

Saturday Open


Saturday Open


Monkhall Fishery
You will find Monkhall Fishery in Monkhopton Shropshire, in between Bridgnorth and Craven Arms, with 5 coarse fishing pools set in 27 acres of beautiful Shropshire countryside. Monkhall Fishery Monkhopton has been under new ownership since May 2013, a lot of time and money has been put into the fishery to get it where it deserves to be. We are open 6 days a week with Mondays being the day we are closed to give the pools a rest after a busy weekends action. We hold open matches on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday and all open matches are £20 to enter with the optional £1 bonus peg at weekends. Your welcome to arrange your own club matches or friendly knock ups (Min 6) in the week and on weekends. For match results, details of catches, and upcoming events see our “Matches” section, club bookings are happily taken. We open 7 30am – 7 30pm summer hours, and 8am-dusk winter hours (Closed Mondays from 22/7/19)
01746 785 481

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Monkhall Fishery

AnglerNet Weight
Morgan Davidson
234lbs 4oz
Mitch Davidson
196lbs 10oz
Steve Roberts
97lbs 10oz
Andy Rowbottom
90lbs 14oz

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