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West yorkshire wagglers

12th June 2020 - 4th July 2020

West Yorkshire Wagglers

AnglerSponsorTotal PointsTotal WeightMatches12/06/202012/06/202012/06/202004/07/202025/07/202008/08/202012/09/202010/10/202024/10/202012/12/2020
Robert Stark
13459lbs 9oz911021321123
James Slater
23314lbs 15oz8616311031012
Simon Hobson
24293lbs 5oz104255252234
27242lbs 5oz924445453101
Graham Hargreaves
34315lbs 12oz935166645410
Steve parsons
37178lbs 13oz108338717655
Neil Hodgson
Chris collinson
45139lbs 11oz977774106761

Excluding 2 worst sessions, but at least 3 sessions included



Points Allocation

First place is awarded for the least points

League Ranking System

Points are awarded
Per section

Awarded Placements

10 points are added for not attending a match

Worst Sessions
Rankings exclude the points from the worst 2 sessions

Section Winner
Match winner is excluded from the section prize

Tie Break
In the event of a tie break on points the winner will be with most accumulated weights

If disqualified from a match 0 points are added


West Yorkshire Wagglers
West yorkshire wagglers


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Nationwide Results

The nationwide results are a fun way to see how your fishing skills and weights faired up against all the other anglers in the country that week. It's also a great way to see how fisheries and specific waters are fishing before a match.

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West yorkshire wagglers

West Yorkshire Wagglers

AnglerTotal PointsTotal WeightMatches
Robert Stark
13459lbs 9oz9
James Slater
23314lbs 15oz8
Simon Hobson
24293lbs 5oz10
27242lbs 5oz9
Graham Hargreaves
34315lbs 12oz9

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