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Essex vets

4th November 2020 | 5 hours

Essex Veterans

Club Match at Newland Hall

Brook lake | Still Water

AnglerNet WeightPeg
Bob Davis
14.175kg31lbs 4oz 47
Dennis Jarvis
13.381kg29lbs 8oz 7
Bill Woollcott
13.154kg29lbs 3
David Jones
12.757kg28lbs 2oz 46
Peter Lamb
12.134kg26lbs 12oz 14
Bob Cheesman
11.68kg25lbs 12oz 33
Dave Lewis
10.546kg23lbs 4oz 27
Tim Horton
9.639kg21lbs 4oz 11
Kim Naish
8.505kg18lbs 12oz 28
Ken Rolfe
8.278kg18lbs 4oz 35
Ray Stevens
7.711kg17lbs 6
Chris Barry
7.484kg16lbs 8oz 4
Bob Read
7.257kg16lbs 10
Alan Lamb
5.103kg11lbs 4oz 48
Colin Booty
4.309kg9lbs 8oz 12
Stuart Penman
4.139kg9lbs 2oz 34
Steve Kady
3.856kg8lbs 8oz 15
John Hall
3.402kg7lbs 8oz 32
Bob Chester
2.722kg6lbs 5
Graham Claridge
1.928kg4lbs 4oz 50
John Cox
John Robinson
Essex vets


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Essex Veterans
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Essex Veterans

Newland Hall | Brook lake

AnglerNet Weight
Bob Davis
14.175kg31lbs 4oz
Dennis Jarvis
13.381kg29lbs 8oz
Bill Woollcott
David Jones
12.757kg28lbs 2oz

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