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  1. Season 2020

    • 12 matches held between Sat, 30th May '20 and Sat, 26th September '20
  1. Piscatorials AC

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      AnglerSponsorTotal PointsTotal WeightMatches30/05/202013/06/202020/06/202027/06/202011/07/202025/07/202008/08/202015/08/202022/08/202005/09/202019/09/202026/09/2020
      Paul Hull
      11466.123kg1027lbs 10oz 12165.771kg145lbs 149.243kg108lbs 9oz 122.736kg50lbs 2oz 510.433kg23lbs 37.484kg16lbs 8oz 1124.058kg273lbs 8oz 128.009kg61lbs 12oz 182.044kg180lbs 14oz 145.246kg99lbs 12oz 217.747kg39lbs 2oz 115.819kg34lbs 14oz 115.45kg34lbs 1oz
      Nathan Moore
      19312.355kg688lbs 10oz 12443.772kg96lbs 8oz 232.262kg71lbs 2oz 218.37kg40lbs 8oz 315.507kg34lbs 3oz 27.371kg16lbs 4oz 299.422kg219lbs 3oz 220.61kg45lbs 7oz 360.781kg134lbs 138.073kg83lbs 15oz 120.667kg45lbs 9oz 27.286kg16lbs 1oz 27.513kg16lbs 9oz
      Dave Gaffney
      21381.698kg841lbs 8oz 12136.826kg81lbs 3oz 174.701kg164lbs 11oz 58.675kg19lbs 2oz 217.123kg37lbs 12oz 36.634kg14lbs 10oz 292.533kg204lbs 148.052kg105lbs 15oz 180.654kg177lbs 13oz 419.958kg44lbs 62.013kg4lbs 7oz 44.366kg9lbs 10oz 20.85kg1lbs 14oz
      simon moore
      30249.874kg550lbs 14oz 1dr12227.754kg61lbs 3oz 526.45kg58lbs 5oz 314.6kg32lbs 3oz 37.087kg15lbs 10oz 71.928kg4lbs 4oz 197.437kg214lbs 13oz 40.002kg1dr357.89kg127lbs 10oz 426.734kg58lbs 15oz 210.518kg23lbs 3oz 45.386kg11lbs 14oz 42.466kg5lbs 7oz
      Kieran Moore
      34244.912kg539lbs 15oz 12714.345kg31lbs 10oz 428.435kg62lbs 11oz 76.407kg14lbs 2oz 52.126kg4lbs 11oz 45.727kg12lbs 10oz 379.804kg175lbs 15oz 314.742kg32lbs 8oz 454.431kg120lbs 234.275kg75lbs 9oz 312.701kg28lbs 110.263kg22lbs 10oz 52.41kg5lbs 5oz
      Matt Penn
      39264.841kg583lbs 14oz 11347.117kg103lbs 14oz 268.634kg151lbs 5oz 78.675kg19lbs 2oz 117.492kg38lbs 9oz 212.417kg27lbs 6oz 645.87kg101lbs 2oz 60.539kg1lbs 3oz 634.813kg76lbs 12oz 330.589kg67lbs 7oz 54.054kg8lbs 15oz 53.317kg7lbs 5oz DNS 8
      Brian Parr
      40205.988kg454lbs 2oz 12614.458kg31lbs 14oz 834.218kg75lbs 7oz 417.917kg39lbs 8oz 60.737kg1lbs 10oz 46.634kg14lbs 10oz 368.407kg150lbs 13oz 25.103kg11lbs 4oz 457.975kg127lbs 13oz 615.309kg33lbs 12oz 49.327kg20lbs 9oz 62.098kg4lbs 10oz 18.76kg19lbs 5oz
      Kevin Moore
      41203.408kg448lbs 7oz 12421.857kg48lbs 3oz 625.316kg55lbs 13oz 515.195kg33lbs 8oz 46.917kg15lbs 4oz 62.637kg5lbs 13oz 462.227kg137lbs 3oz 30.198kg7oz 538.073kg83lbs 15oz 322.226kg49lbs 54.167kg9lbs 3oz 27.229kg15lbs 15oz 61.814kg4lbs
      Jason Bland
      46213.387kg470lbs 7oz 11325.883kg57lbs 1oz 736.713kg80lbs 15oz 49.072kg20lbs 411.453kg25lbs 4oz 54.111kg9lbs 1oz 552.56kg115lbs 14oz 411.963kg26lbs 6oz 635.125kg77lbs 7oz 225.203kg55lbs 9oz 61.304kg2lbs 14oz 71.956kg4lbs 5oz DNS 8
      Robin Cattell
      47173.302kg382lbs 1oz 1dr12730.844kg68lbs 638.612kg85lbs 2oz 67.059kg15lbs 9oz 74.904kg10lbs 13oz 52.693kg5lbs 15oz 459.931kg132lbs 2oz 54.961kg10lbs 15oz 536.429kg80lbs 5oz 514.373kg31lbs 11oz 44.423kg9lbs 12oz 34.819kg10lbs 10oz 40.002kg1dr
      Martin Dell
      48205.874kg453lbs 14oz 10254.431kg120lbs 358.343kg128lbs 10oz 132.262kg71lbs 2oz 27.938kg17lbs 8oz 116.301kg35lbs 15oz 736.599kg80lbs 11oz DNB 8DNW8DNW8DNW8DNW8DNS 8
      Louis Gumley
      49197.171kg434lbs 11oz 12634.955kg77lbs 1oz 329.058kg64lbs 1oz 68.902kg19lbs 10oz 110.036kg22lbs 2oz DNW8737.847kg83lbs 7oz DNW8269.598kg153lbs 7oz DNW8DNW853.175kg7lbs 33.6kg7lbs 15oz
      Richard Hughes
      51238.845kg526lbs 9oz 11518.484kg40lbs 12oz 452.05kg114lbs 12oz 229.03kg64lbs DNW8DNB 8555.225kg121lbs 12oz DNW8265.544kg144lbs 8oz DNW8118.512kg40lbs 13oz DNW8DNW8
      Liam Penn
      58112.351kg247lbs 11oz 1dr12811.34kg25lbs 811.283kg24lbs 14oz 85.5kg12lbs 2oz DNW863.487kg7lbs 11oz 817.662kg38lbs 15oz 70.002kg1dr734.728kg76lbs 9oz 521.461kg47lbs 5oz 34.649kg10lbs 4oz 37.087kg15lbs 10oz 30.652kg1lbs 7oz
      Nick Shergold
      60148.268kg326lbs 14oz 10537.478kg82lbs 10oz 723.105kg50lbs 15oz 322.481kg49lbs 9oz 68.477kg18lbs 11oz 113.778kg30lbs 6oz 642.95kg94lbs 11oz DNB 8DNW8DNW8DNW8DNW8DNS 8
      Steve Cattell
      6094.097kg207lbs 7oz 3dr12820.95kg46lbs 3oz 540.398kg89lbs 1oz 84.196kg9lbs 4oz 60.737kg1lbs 10oz 72.438kg5lbs 6oz 822.169kg48lbs 14oz 40.002kg1dr714.317kg31lbs 9oz 613.154kg29lbs 70.002kg1dr60.879kg1lbs 15oz 40.002kg1dr

      Excluding 2 worst league sessions, but at least 3 sessions included

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